BFM have a long history with motorcycle drag racing in Australia. Neal first raced in 1981 on a supercharged, fuel injected, methanol burning pre-unit TRIUMPH 650 drag bike fitted with a Rickman 8 Valve head. Neal attended his first drag race meeting as a spectator at the old Savannah Race Way in Townsville in 1969. After building and campaigning a Double Engine Harley lay down drag bike in Townsville, then moving to Brisbane, Neal has raced a range of modified H-D street bikes. He now races a BUELL S3 Thunderbolt and a couple of heavily modified Sportsters. A 124 S&S powered FXR and a big inch Sportster are under construction.

Jo began drag racing in 1995 on a 1994 H-D Sportster which she is still racing to this day. She also owns and sometimes races a 1996 Sportster.

Manda began drag racing in 1998 on a 1996 H-D Sportster which she is still racing to this day. She also now owns a laydown drag bike with history back to the early 80’s.

BFM have raced in QLD at Townsville, Mackay, Gladstone (Benaraby), Lakeside, Surfers Paradise, Willowbank, Warwick, Roma, in NSW at Gunnedah (airstrip), WSID (Sydney), and in VIC at Calder and Heathcote. Neal has attended meetings in TAS, SA and WA, crewing or spectating.


Inducted into the Australian “National Motorcycling Hall of Fame” at Gold Coast Bike Week in 2006.

Awarded “Most Influential Motorcycling Identity for 2006” in Australian Motorcycle Industry Awards at Gold Coast Bike Week. 

USA Trained in Motorcycle Industry:

2001 & 2004 – National Rally / Event Management – HRCT H.O.G. Rally Coordinator Training by Harley-Davidson Motor Company in Florida.

2006 & 07 & 08 &10 & 12 – V-Twin Aftermarket Industry Seminars at Cincinnati Ohio.

2006 – Engine Building and Electronic Fuel Injection Tuning by S&S Cycle in Wisconsin.

2009 – The V-Twin Industry to join SEMA and its Show Seminar at Las Vegas. 

Career Highlights:

Began riding motorcycles in 1966 on a 500cc Royal Enfield and has ridden Harley-Davidson Motorcycles since 1973.

Drag raced motorcycles since 1981 and Harley-Davidson motorcycles exclusively since 1984.

1982 – Fastest single engine, non nitro, Triumph drag bike pass in Aus with 10.9 at 122mph.

1983 – Broke the Australian AA/MB record with 143.9 mph but due to machine damage this record could not be backed up.

1986 – Fastest gas powered Harley-Davidson in Aus with 131 mph on the double engine bike.

1994 & 95 – Reset the Pushrod Class Eighth Mile Lakeside Drags Track Record four times.

2002 – Placed 6th in DBRAA (Drag Bike Racers Association of Australia) Series.

2004 – Placed 2nd in S&S Pro Gas Series and 3rd in the DBRAA Series.

2005- Won S&S Pro Gas Series and won the Crane Cams Hot Street Pushrod Series. Also placed 3rd in the DBRAA Series

2006 – Placed 2nd in Hooker Headers Hot Street Pushrod Series (after a tie) and 3rd in S&S 124 Challenge with a stock 124 motor in a stock Heritage model. Neal placed 8th in DBRAA Series due to missing some racing.

2007 – ECC 3 race series (Pro Gas, 124 & Hot Street) were not finalized. Neal scored runner up of the final round of the HOG series.

2012 – Placed 3rd in the H-D & Buell Drag Series, (only 1 point behind 2nd placed rider and 4 points behind winner) & first Buell rider – out of 47 racers.

We have entered restored, custom and drag race motorcycles into Motor Shows since 1985, from Cairns, Mission Beach, Townsville, Charters Towers, Mackay, Rockhampton, Maryborough, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne, winning a massive number of awards from Top Bike to People’s Choice to Best Engineered to Top Competition Bike and Top Sportster.

We won the ASMF (Australian Street Machine Federation) State Titles Top Bike award 2 years in a row. We also won Top Bike at the EH Holden Club Power Nationals 3 years in a row.

In 1986 OzBike magazine paid us $1000 tow money to haul our first double engine H-D drag bike from Atherton to Sydney for the top show in Australia, the “OzBike Custom Motorcycle Exhibition”.

We won “Best Engineered” award.



Began riding motorcycles in 1973 and has ridden Harley-Davidson Motorcycles since 1982.

Drag raced motorcycles since 1995 and always exclusively Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

2000 – Joanne won the H.O.G. (Harley Owners Group) QLD 5 Round Drag Race Series.

2004 – Joanne placed 2nd in the DBRAA Series and 7th in Pro Gas Series without running at all rounds.

2005 – Joanne placed 2nd in both the S&S Pro Gas Series & the Crane Cams Hot Street Pushrod Series.

2006 – Joanne spent a lot of time in hospital and recuperating from surgery and is now 100%.

2012 – Placed 4th in the H-D & Buell Drag Series, (only 1 point behind 3rd placed Neal) and first placed Sportster rider – out of 47 racers. 

Events Work:

We founded the Tableland Classic Motorcycle Club in 1981 and helped organise the Atherton Motor Show in 1986 & 87. In 1992 we helped establish a class at the Lakeside Eighth Mile Drags for USA V-Twins and ran a custom motorcycle show at each meeting. We organized HOG Rides for Gold Coast & Brisbane Members to Lakeside and later QLD Raceway to support the H-D Roaring Sporties Road Race Series each time they raced in QLD and the drags. In 1999 we organised a HOG Ride to the Norwell Performance Complex to meet Eric Buell on his first trip to Australia to help promote his H-D powered sport bikes. Organised a drag race display and autograph session at M&W H-D for the USA Stars of the Easyrider’s Magazine sponsored AHDRA World Top Fuel Challenge which came to Brisbane in 2000. Also organised a meet and greet at M&W H-D, a ride to Redcliffe Paceway by Brisbane & Gold Coast HOG to support the Flat Track race meeting held there featuring the legendary USA Grand National Dirt Track Champion Jay Springsteen. Neal is a founding and 20 year member of the Drag Bike Riders Association Of QLD / Australia.

We assisted HOG Rally Organizer Chris Sweeney with added attractions at the 1996 QLD State HOG Rally and both the 1999 and 2001 National HOG Rallies held at Parklands on the Gold Coast. We also worked with Mark Wacker to introduce the HOG Drag Race Series in 1999 and in 2000 the Screamin’ Eagle Drag Race Series to Willowbank Raceway. The late Tom Brown and his team from Blacktown H-D introduced these series to Western Sydney International Drag strip. We introduced the HOG Drag Race Series to both Mackay and Gladstone drag strips.

At the 1999 National Rally we held the first ever drag race meeting as part of a HOG Rally with Willie G Davidson being taken for a ride down the Surfers Paradise quarter mile in a POLICE “Operation Drag” modified squad car. Mark Wacker opened the event with a massive burnout and a very snaky pass, just missing the guard rail. Many members raced their street Harleys and M&W sponsored National Competition Bike Champion, John Parker, ran some demonstration passes on his 120 cubic inch, 8 valve, H-D methanol burning drag bike.

At the 2001 National Rally we staged a full Flat Track Race Meeting on the 1100 yard gravel trotting track. Thanks to generous support by Morgan & Wacker, the Motor Company and HOG International we were able to bring out 9 times USA Grand National Champion, Scott Parker, then current H-D Factory Rider, Rich King and the most successful Dirt Track Tuner of all time, the H-D Race Team’s Bill Werner. Generous local H-D enthusiasts loaned XR-750 dirt trackers for the internationals to ride. Local riders competed on H-D Sportster, Triumph and Norton dirt trackers.

Organized Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary Celebration rides and dealer hosted functions across NZ from Auckland and Dunedin, meeting in Wellington for the National HOG Rally and assisted with extra items from H-D USA for the H-D 100th display in the Te Papa National Museum in February 2003.

Organized Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary Celebration rides and dealer hosted functions from Cairns to Sydney with 80 bikes and 130 riders and passengers departing from Cairns and over 1500 rolling into the Homebush Olympic Stadium in Sydney for Harley’s Australian 100th Party, one of ten the Motor Company held around the world. One of the trips highlights was a concert we arranged in the Tamworth City Hall featuring “The Wolverines” on the second last night travelling south. Joanne and I drove the Morgan & Wacker H-D truck to Cairns then as backup vehicle for the entire trip. We came back to Brisbane via Tamworth then loaded up this truck plus the M&W one tonner and open trailer to ferry 13 motorcycles to the Townsville Museum.

We assisted the National Motor Museum staff with Harley-Davidson motorcycles on loan from various collectors to enlarge the “Two Wheel Warrior” museum displays in Brisbane and Townsville in 2003. We organized a ride in to the Brisbane museum event to raise money for the Mater Children’s Hospital which drew over 300 H-D motorcycles.

Organized a visit by key staff from S&S Cycle (the largest aftermarket performance manufacturer of high performance parts for H-D Motorcycles in the world) to Australia to meet over 200 V-Twin Industry members. Over 3 days H-D Dealers, Aftermarket V-Twin Independent Dealers, Racers & Motorcycle Media members attended one of 3 seminars held in 3 states in October 2004. Neal helped introduced the S&S Dealer Network with technical training and certification in 2005, the S&S / G2 Buell Pro Stock Motorcycle to ANDRA National Championship Drag Racing – which won 2 back to back National Championships for the Brett Stevens Racing Team, helped make the AUSTRALIAN TV Biker Build Off show in 2006 and ran 3 V-Twin drag race series, the S&S 124 Challenge, S&S Pro Gas & the Hooker Headers Hot Street Series across 3 states in 2004/5 to 2007, often with “kick off parties” at local independent or H-D dealers. Mackay Harley-Davidson and Rocky Custom Cycles were great supporters of this concept.

We attended all 10 Gold Coast Bike Week events, assisting wherever possible and introducing new attractions to this wonderful happening including the HOG Hospitality Pin,  Bike Week Motorcycle Drag Racing at Willowbank Raceway,  USA V-Twin Industry Participation,  The Australian National Chopper Show with a $15,000 special edition S&S Motor as first prize,  The S&S Dealer Ride,  The Motorcycle Art and Model Show,  The S&S Dealer Cruise, The Leukaemia Charity Lunch to launch the new S&S X-Wedge Motor to Australasia and the first ever V-Twin Industry, Dealer Hospitality Lounge, at the event.

We brought the AMD (American Motorcycle Dealer – a worldwide V-Twin Industry trade publication) World Championship of Custom Bike Building Affiliate Program and it’s owner and organiser Robin Bradley, to Australia in 2008.

Neal introduced the LUCAS Oil Motorcycle Pit Stop Program to Australia in 2009.


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