S&S Bolt in Cams for M8

S&S M8 Cam Kit

S&S Bolt in Cams for M8 Harley-Davidson 2017 Motorcycles are now available at your local S&S Dealer.

S&S now offers bolt-in cams for 2017 Harley-Davidson® touring models with the new Milwaukee Eight engine.

You can choose from a chain drive cam, or eliminate the cam drive chain and tensioner by upgrading to the S&S gear drive system.

Both formats of the new 465 cam will see gains of 21Hp and 21 ft-lb torque (when coupled with S&S intake and exhaust).

We also offer the gear drive cam in a stock spec (350G) that provides the peace of mind and valve timing accuracy that only a gear driven cam can give. Both cam grinds are compatible with all stock components, but for the cost of the labor to remove and reinstall the stock pushrods, you’ll be money ahead to cut them out and replace them with a set of S&S Quickee pushrods!

Features & Benefits

  • Bolt-in! Compatible with all stock valve train components
  • 465G gear drive provide increased torque and horsepower
  • Eliminates cam drive chain and tensioner
  • Kits include all required bearings, o-rings, and hardware
  • Gear drive cams provide improved valve timing accuracy
  • Made in the USA

All available now from S&S or your favorite dealer.


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