S & S Visit

I was very fortunate in January 2006 to make an S&S visit. It was a privilege and an honour to attend the S&S Cycle Training Facility in La Crosse, Wisconsin  for Pro Tuning Centre Training – Super Side Winder engine building training and VFI – Variable (electronic) Fuel Injection Training. The 3 day motor training and 2 day fuel injection training was very comprehensive and expertly taught by S&S technical experts in their inhouse, state of the art, training facility.

 All S&S Cycle Training is offered off site now by Power Sports Institute.

I was also treated to a weeks stay with S&S Cycle President, Brett Smith and his family in their home and a private veiwing of the S&S Cycle Museum, hosted by Scott Sjovall, just before we set out on the 12 hour drive from Viola to Cincinnati for the V-Twin EXPO. This was a great road trip with Scott, Justin Bramstead, Tim Culver and myself crossing Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.

I hope you enjoy the photos below from my wonderful S&S Visit.



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