G N Roadster Show – Cars

Each year the Grand National Roadster Show – Cars,  is held at the LA Pomona Fairgrounds, mainly for cars, but a small motorcycle section is also catered for. This show was originally the Oakland Roadster Show, held in the Northern California city of Oakland. This is the most prestigious hot rod show in California and features the competition to find “Ameriaca’s Most Beautiful Roadster”.  At this venue, you will also find the NHRA Museum, so you can also visit it and see a magnificent display of drag racing history. A major exhibit of the Dean Moon Automotive Legacy was being held to coincide with this year’s  Grand National Roadster Show – Cars and it was fasinating to see.

The cars in the show were spread over 7 pavillions, plus most outdoor areas featured displays of cars, vendors and even Nitro Dragster Cackle Cars – restored mainly front engined dragsters from the fifties and sixties which are started up on nitro so you can see the header flames and hear the cackling noise the nitro creates as it is burned. Food and berverages are readily available, apparel, memorabillia, books, sculptures, antique helmets, jackets and bubble visors were all for sale at the 2012 event that BFM had the priviledge of attending with the famous SOCAL nitro Harley drag and landspeed racer, Bill Chambers.

We hope you enjoy the images below of this great event.


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