Resurrected Relics XMAS Party 2012

BFM attended the Resurrected Relics XMAS Party 2012 on December 16th. Resurrected Relics is a club for like minded individuals who share a passion for preserving, restoring, driving / riding and occassionally  showing a Classic Car or  Motorcycle.  A large number of members met at Californian Image in restored and classic cars for a chat and a great morning, planned by our committee. At 8AM we pulled out for a sceninc cruise through Narangba back roads, through Browns and Scouts Roads, leading to our destination, the Petrie, North Pine Dam. Here we met several other members who drove directly there. This is a very nice location with a large sealed parking lot, lawns, BBQ settings including stainless steel cooking facilities. This time however we did not need to cook as our committee had contracted the team from “BBQ to You” to cater our Resurrected Relics XMAS Party 2012 Breakfast. They did a great job with special diet requests and plenty of delious food for the 70 members present. In fact there was so much food some had to take doggy bags home to use up the surplus. Shane, Cindy, Dave and Suzy have done a great job again this year, but after some short speeches, revealed they will be standing down next year so we are looking to some new faces to guide our club.

Resurrected Relics XMAS Party 2012 Gallery:

We hope you enjoy the following images taken at Californian Image before we departed for the cruise. Sorry we did not manage to take any photos at the North Pine Dam so several club members cars are not shown. 

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