Cruising in a Kenworth

BFM recently had the chance to go “Cruising in a Kenworth”. Our friends Garry and Fiona, own a beautiful white T908 Kenworth prime mover. They work for Chem Trans and haul various chemicals between Brisbane and Gladstone, sometimes with one trailer, sometimes with two, setup as a B-Double. Previously they have worked for a number of different companies running south to Sydney in NSW and Melbourne in VIC and north to Townsville or Cairns in Far North QLD. On the day I travelled with Garry we ran bob tail to the BP truck-stop at Morayfield, hooked up his two trailers and towed them to the Brisbane Port Area. At Gibson Island we unhooked the two trailers separating them and re attaching only the rear trailer. Gary then drove to Hemmant where we loaded two 20 foot shipping containers that his employers needed hauling to Gladstone. We drove back out to Morayfield where we shared a coffee.

Garry then got himself ready and left at 6PM for the run to Gladstone. The Kenworth T 908 is a huge truck with the top of the long nosed hood and radiator, level with the rain gutter on a normal QLD low set house. Vision is great sitting up so high, but Garry warned me that it is very hard for drivers in these big trucks to see small cars and motor cycles when they are in very close proximity to the front alloy bull bar. The finish inside Kenworth trucks is fantastic, and Garry and Fiona have optioned their’s with wood grain dash, brass circled gauges and a wood rimmed steering wheel. The diamond tufted hood lining is very cool and the air conditioning and power steering help driver comfort. Gary and Fiona often travel together, and with both licensed to drive, they can split the driving duties.

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