Chopper Dave’s

BFM had the honour of visiting Chopper Dave’s workshop in LA, one of SOCAL’s famous SINNERS Motorcycle Club Members, a spare parts guru, custom bike builder, metal casting specialist and general crazy man. He specializes in Sportsters, wheelies on a rigid Pan Chopper known as “Super Freak” (the metal flake blue and white chopper in the photos below) and has been an invited guest builder to the Moon Eyes Show, held in Japan each year in December. He built an incredible S&S X-Wedge powered rigid chopper, with a cast alloy Sportster styled gas tank and open cam belt drive among it’s many unique features. Chopper Dave’s also been known to play in the dirt,  like jumping a chopped rigid Knuckle (the green and white bike in the photos below with 2 front heads and a British 4 speed gear box among a long list of modifications) over dirt jumps, old school Dirt Track TT Racing style. Check out the photos below of his rigid, red white and blue, big twin EVO flat tracker. Check out his website

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