BFM Drag Racing

BFM Drag Racing:

have a long history with motorcycle drag racing, particularly riding Harley-Davidson and Buell drag bikes; in Australia.

Neal first raced in 1981 on a supercharged, fuel injected, methanol burning pre-unit TRIUMPH 650 drag bike fitted with a Rickman 8 Valve head. He attended his first drag race meeting as a spectator at the old Savannah Race Way in Townsville in 1969.

Jo began drag racing in 1995 on a H-D Sportster; which she is still racing to this day. She has also competed on a second Harley-Davidson Sportster, which she rides on the street these days.

Manda began drag racing in 1998 on a H-D Sportster; which she is still racing to this day and also competes on her very own lay down Harley-Davidson motorcycle drag bike.

BFM Drag Racing:

 have raced in QLD at Townsville, Mackay, Gladstone (Benaraby), Lakeside, Surfers Paradise, Willowbank, Warwick, Roma, in NSW at Gunnedah (airstrip), WSID (Sydney), and in VIC at Calder and Heathcote. Neal has attended meetings in TAS, SA and WA.

We hope you enjoy the following images showing some of BFM Drag Racing history across Australia.

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