H-D and Buell Drags Rd 5 for 2016

H-D and Buell Drags Rd 5 for 2016 Snapper and Neal

 The H-D and Buell Drags Rd 5 for 2016 were held recently at Willowbank Raceway, west of Brisbane. A total of 35 H-D’s and 1 Buell raced at this event with 3 qualifying passes, 3 rounds of racing and a final. These days are a great way to come out to the track and have some safe fun on your motorcycle.

You race your friends and see just how fast your bike can cover a quarter mile from a standing start. You don’t need the fastest bike there, you need to be consistent on your start line reaction times and run close to your nominated time. As an example in Round 3 of racing Neal ran a 12.686 second pass on a nominated time of 12.600 and left the start line just 2 thousandths of a second after the green light came on.

BFM rider Neal, was on fire all day, winning all 3 rounds of racing and contesting the final. The head wind all afternoon, dropped just on dusk as Neal and Steve went out to race the final. Both riders Broke Out (meaning they ran slightly faster than their nominated Dial In handicap start time). Steve’s time was closer to his nominated time so he took the Win and Neal took the Runner Up placing for the H-D and Buell Drags Rd 5 for 2016. Neal won a $100 Voucher from Gold Coast Harley Davidson. 

Steve McCabe also won the Overall Series for 2016 and BFM congratulate him on a great years racing.

Neal, Flame and Viv




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