CVO 110 Hop Up

Not satisfied with 86 horsepower from your CVO 110 engine? Neither were we! Fortunately, we can show you how to make that big hog really run.

S&S Cycle

Here’s how to do the S&S CVO 110 Hop Up.

  1. Install an S&S performance exhaust and air cleaner – a must for any performance upgrade
  2. Install a set of S&S 585 bolt-in cams and tune the EFI system – produces over 107 horsepower
  3. Increase the compression ratio from the stock 9.3:1 to 10.6:1 with S&S high compression pistons – brings the horsepower up to 114


2007-’15 Harley-Davidson® CVO 110 models

Features and Benefits

  • Significant performance increase – See the dyno chart
  • Don’t trade torque for horsepower – get more of both – See the dyno chart.
  • Easy installation! All parts bolt in without splitting the cases or even removing engine from the frame
  • Easy EFI tuning with free calibration downloads for Dynojet® Power Vision® tuner or S&S EZ Loader – no expensive dyno time required.

The Dynojet® 250i chassis dynamometer shows how this 2008 Harley-Davidson® CVO FLH revealed it true potential with the addition of S&S performance exhaust, intake and 585 cams. The top set of curves show that bumping the compression with S&S 10.6:1 pistons really wakes up the engine and makes over 114 horsepower. That’s a total increase of over 28 horsepower or nearly 33%! All tests were done with the stock 50mm throttle body. Make even more power with an S&S 58mm Throttle Hog or cable controlled throttle body.

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